Year: 2023

The floor is lava experiment.

This is my photo of the experiment I did with my group. We had to keep the plastic bears away from the lava.

First we had work out how to keep the bears away from the lava.

Next  we got three cups, five popsicle sticks, one playing card and plastic bears.

Then we got the plastic cups, turn them upside down. We place the popsicle sticks to make a bridge to hold the bears.



My weekend.

On the weekend I went with my whole family on a drive. We drove passed the zoo before we got home I saw a factory it had smoke. It looked like a big business building however you may think you can breathe but the smoke can kill you. Because it is a chemical and makes you faint and drop to the ground.


On Wednesday we learnt new things at gymnastics. At my rotation I liked the beam where you get to do a flip and go over it.

I felt like the wrestler John Cena. When he gets thrown on the floor. I felt uncomfortable when I landed.